Graviss Group is a celebrated business house in the field of Foods and Hospitality. Established in 1945, the Group has ever since been credited as a pioneer for its success in this industry.

A business of Indian Lineage, the Hospitality arm entails the illustrious InterContinental Hotel and Mayfair Banquets in the heart of Mumbai.

Foods business is adorned by world famous signature brands like Kwality Ice Cream in the Middle East and ‘Baskin Robbins’, ‘Rich’s, food service supplies ’, ‘6th Street Yogurt’, ‘Meats & More’, in India to name a few. The Group has recently acquired Zaffran and with it, its protégé, the Kebab Corner by Zaffran.

The Graviss Group family consists of more than 2000 employees across India as well as in the Middle East.

The founder is a distinguished recipient of a lifetime achievement award by the illustrious Hotel Federation.

Hospitality Brands

Food Brands